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The programmatic Digital Out-of-Home advertising platform
which enables you to target, analyze and optimize your advertising destination.

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In-Location Advertising

Tap into the benefits of location data, visitor foot traffic, weather, time etc.
Leaving you with many data points to time your campaigns and more.

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Extra Control Options

Get the various option available between self served or managed
Also get real time placement reports from our dedicated team for you.

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Reach your target audience
right at their impact locations

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Fully Analytical
Suitable for both Brands,
Agencies etc.

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Edge your competition

OutWrld in Application

With the OutWrld platform, you might be interested to know why the use cases for your campaigns which you can see such below

Shopping Malls

Ideal segement for all but wonderful for the likes of FMCG's which can provide last minute top of mind awareness while their target customers go shopping


A key opening to reach users who spend an expected regulated amount of time in which you can deploy various ad materials showcasing multiple services for your brands and more.


A wonderful location to target customers at ease. Such environment helps to imprint your brand message in a simple and unhurried manner.


Get across the precious HNI audience and deliver all your exquisite brands, services, financial options all in tow.

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Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. Connect with them in-store, and you'll have a customer for life.

Megan Totka
Chief Editor of

In-store advertising bridges the gap between products and customers, turning shopping into an unforgettable experience..

In-store advertising is the art of engaging customers without them realizing they're being sold to..

Bob Phibbs
The Retail Doctor

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